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Careers Advice - Part Time Jobs


Many students have a part-time job whilst they are at college. This can be helpful financially and is also important for developing your employability skills.


What are employability skills?

Employers have identified employability skills as being important for a young person to enter any job. These are transferable and can be developed in your part time job. The skills you will develop working will be useful even if you do not intend to have a career in retail or hospitality


How many hours should I work?

We recommend that you consider a job that is no more than 12 hours a week as we have found that working too many hours can have a negative effect on your college course.


Where are the part-time jobs?

Lots of part time jobs for under 18s are in retail or working in kitchens and cafes. In Bath with lots of tourists, there is a thriving shopping centre and café culture, so there are usually lots of opportunities especially in October for Christmas work and also at Easter for the Summer.


The Job Board

Every week Connexions send us an up-to-date part-time and full-time job list of vacancies in Bath. We post these onto our job board in the Student Advice Centre and on our Facebook page if you would prefer. If you are over 18, then you will also find vacancies may also be advertised at the job centre.


Looking for a job in retail and service sector?

It is worth looking at these company sites regularly if you are looking for a part time job in retail:


  • Sainsbury’s
  • Southgate
  • Morrisons
  • Waitrose
  • McDonald’s
  • Marks and Spencer


Looking for a job in a café, hotel or restaurant?

With lots of tourists visiting Bath, there are lots of part-time opportunities working in hospitality. You could be working in the kitchen washing up or helping prepare vegetables, salads or sandwiches. You could be serving customers and clearing tables. You may be doing housekeeping and cleaning and making beds. Lots of these companies are small and may recruit through word of mouth or just put a vacancy in the job window. It is worth preparing your CV and dropping into these businesses to see if they have any part-time opportunities. Also tell your friends who are working that you are looking in case they hear about an opportunity.


Other sources of jobs


Finding it difficult to find a part-time job?

It can be difficult to find your first job. There can be a lot of competition and your lack of experience of the world of work may mean you haven’t developed your employability skills. Try some of the below options to get some employability skills on your CV.


  • Volunteering - Doing some regular volunteering in a charity shop can help you learn the skills you need to work in retail in a less pressurised environment. To apply for volunteering opportunities in your area, visit

  • Work Experience - Another way of demonstrating your employability skills to an employer is to organise work experience in the holidays or days you are not working in college. This could lead to a paid job.


Need help?

Applying for jobs, writing CVs, organising volunteering or work experience? We can help out, give advice and recommend opportunities. Email the careers team to find out how we can help you.


  Email the Careers team now (