West of England Institute of Technology Soft Skills Certificate

Free Soft Skills Certificate for people living or working in the West of England


The West of England Institute of Technology (WEIoT) has launched a new “soft skills certificate” to enable people to gain the soft skills and certified credentials requested and recognised by local employers.

Enhancing soft skills such as Teamwork, Adaptability and Critical thinking can enable individuals to work more effectively and collaboratively with colleagues to enhance and progress careers.

This free, time limited, flexible and modular training is being delivered by education and industry specialist partners delivering 7 modules which can be mixed and matched and tailored to meet individual and business needs:


  • Digital Skills For Inclusive Cloud Collaboration
  • Effective Communication
  • Insights Discovery
  • New World Working
  • Soft Skills For Project Managers
  • Team Working
  • Workplace Skills And Behaviours


Face to face, online and twilight delivery options are available through one of the WEIoT education partners: Weston College, Bath College, Yeovil College, City of Bristol College and Provek. All training must be completed by 31 March 2023.

Businesses can utilise this new certificate to develop the skills and careers of their workforce in line with current and emerging skills needs and new world working practices. This will ultimately improve workforce productivity, satisfaction, and retention.

Individuals can enhance and accredit their soft skills credentials, enabling them to work more effectively and collaboratively with colleagues and to enhance and progress their careers.

This is also supported through the inclusion of Credly Digital Credentials, which are included with the certificate, to acknowledge and share achievements.

To read more about each module in order to sign up and complete this certificate for free before 31st March, use the button below.


More Information

The WEIoT is part of the government’s flagship programme designed to spearhead the delivery of higher technical education; to support the economy with a skilled workforce that can drive productivity and take advantage of key growth opportunities.

The WEIoT+ Soft Skills Certificate is funded through the Department for Education’s Skills Development Fund, aimed at helping employers and individuals access the skills needed to enhance careers, support local innovation and economic growth.