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Did you know.. The Prince’s Trust is the UK’s largest youth charity?


The Prince’s Trust Team Programme is a 12-week-course for young people who are not in employment, education or training between the ages of 16-25. The course is free, and you won’t lose any benefits you may be claiming. Furthermore, any public transports costs incurred by attending the course will be refunded back to you at the end of each week.

Our friendly and supportive Team Leaders will guide you through each phase of the programme as you develop new skills. The programme includes an action-packed residential, a work placement, challenging community-based projects of your team’s choosing and an end-of-team presentation to celebrate your achievements. Each team consists of around 12 young people from various backgrounds and abilities. Everyone will have their own agenda about what they want to get from the experience, and you will all work together in a friendly and supportive 'team' environment to help you to achieve your goals.

Throughout the programme, you will have the chance to focus on job search activities and work towards recognised qualifications in Employment, Teamwork & Community Skills, First Aid and Food Hygiene. The Prince's Trust Team programme will look great on your CV and within three months of completing the programme, 3 out of 4 of our young people are in training, education, or employment.

Team 1 at Bath College have all gone into Employment or Education by the end of the course.

The programme offers the chance to make new friends, take on a potentially life-changing challenge and make a difference in the local community. In the past, some students have even been offered paid work because of their work placement. Free travel may be provided, based on eligibility.


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What does it involve?


Day 1: Meet new people

Don’t worry about turning up on your own – there’ll be about 12 people joining and everyone will be in the same situation. It’ll be informal and there are plenty of activities so you’ll soon feel part of the group.


Week 1: Take action

Over this week, you’ll start planning for the weeks ahead – setting out what you want to achieve and finding out how to get your qualifications.


Week 2: New experiences

You’ll spend this week away – trying new things and learning how to work with others. This gives you a chance to break away from your current situation – trying canoeing, climbing, raft-building and much more.


Weeks 3-6: Community Project

As a Team, you’ll decide on a project to benefit your local community and carry it out. This gives you great experience to talk about at interviews.


Weeks 7-8: Work placements

This is the time to see how the skills you’ve developed so far can help you in the workplace. It’s also a great chance to try out a type of work, or company, to see whether you like it.


Week 9: Plan for the future

You’ll get help to write a fantastic CV, practice your interview skills and write applications.


Weeks 10-11: Meet the challenge

You and your Team will take on a challenge to help others in the community. This is when you get to test out all the skills you’ve developed.


Week 12: Have your say

In your final week, you’ll deliver a presentation – giving you the chance to show off the talents you’ve discovered! This may sound scary now, but after 12 weeks you’ll be surprised at how far you’ve come.


How do I get involved?


If you are 16 – 25 and not currently working, in education or any form of training you can contact us to apply for a place on a course. If you know someone who fits this criteria and would like to refer them in, please do contact us and we can provide more information or have a chat.


What do our students say about this course?


Max – Team 1 says “I have expanded on my teamwork and communication skills, learning to work as an effective team, getting out of my comfort zone by building up my self-confidence slowly. I was able to try something new and succeeding. Finally, learning to never give up and learn from my mistakes” I have been offered a Full-Time job and start an Art and Design course at Bath college in September."


Dan Team 1 says “I joined the Prince’s Trust to regain my self-confidence and help me integrate with people and to help rebuild my communication skills. My targets were to improve my Communication, Motivation, Leadership Skills and to gain full-Time employment again. I believe that I have improved all skills that I came to improve on, But what has surprised me the most was the improvement in my leadership ability. As somebody who would like to run their own business in the future this will be vital skill needed. Because of this course I have now gained full time employment for the first time in over 2 years”


Jess Team 1 says - "This course has changed my life forever, after being in some very low places, I have now found myself and I can’t wait for the future.”


Ciaran Team 1 Says: "I have a history of quitting when times get tough, however the support from my Team leader encouraged and supported me to reach the end and gain my first full time job. I am so grateful”




When and how can I join the next course?

The course starts at three points of the academic year. For more info email