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Vision and Strategic Plans


Bath College Strategic Plans & Visions



*The accountability statement attached above, may not be accessible to all web users. If you have issues reading this document, please contact the College for a hard copy by post.


Our Purpose and Mission

We provide innovative training to develop skills, inspire individuals, enrich the wider community and encourage all to achieve and progress.






We will work with new and emerging talent to prepare them to excel and to meet the needs of current or future employers. We will actively contribute to developing the careers of individuals through the provision of education and training. We will work with people from across our communities to develop their skills, to improve their life chances and to give them a passion for learning new things or mastering existing skills.



Our Vision

Our aim is to be recognised as one of the stars of the learning and skills sector. We want to become excellent in everything we do so that our students and staff can reap the benefits of being part of a highly successful organisation. As such, through this new strategic intentions framework and vision, we have set ourselves our most demanding challenge yet. By 2020 Bath College will:


  • Become the country’s most enterprising community college, focusing on collaboration and innovation
  • Unashamedly celebrate the world of work and professional and technical education and training
  • Celebrate emerging talent and be the first choice for those who want to enter the world of work or improve their place in it
  • Make our students highly employable and enterprising by developing the skills employers want
  • Be a place for the community to keep learning and for businesses to grow and develop
  • Impact positively on the West of England economy and play an active role in economic development and regeneration
  • Value the efforts and talents of our people and further develop their skills, impacting positively on their careers.


Equality and Diversity

At Bath College we are committed to maintaining a respectful community where all of our students and staff can learn develop and grow within a dignified and safe place.


Equality & Diversity



16-19 Tuition Fund

Bath College are committed to creating the best chances for all learners.  During the pandemic we have seen our 16-19 learners suffer from many of the negative impacts of disruptions in education, social exposure and general support and however supportive families and online learning have been during this time, we believe that there is no substitute for face-to-face teaching, learning and assessment. 

The College is committed to utilising the 16-19 Tuition Fund to support the following groups of learners: 


  • Learners who have not achieved a grade 4 or 5 in English and maths.  This support will take place over and above planned study programme delivery, in small groups. 
  • Learners from disadvantaged backgrounds who may need additional catch-up support.  These learners will be targeted for individual support. 
  • Learners with Education, Health & Care plans who may need additional support as a result of reduced face to face teaching in the last twelve months.  This support will take place in small groups. 
  • Learners on more practical subjects who have missed out on developing  technical skills, experience and key assessments due to the disruption in face-to-face delivery in the last twelve months. 


16 - 19 Tuition Fund